Funny how…

It’s funny how time works. I remember when I could not say to someone oh that was twenty or thirty years ago. Now I can.

I was driving somewhere earlier this week and I was thinking about my recent birthday and the thought hit me. “In eight years you’ll be sixty.” Followed by “in eighteen years you’ll be seventy.”

That gave me pause.

I’ve squandered my life without realizing how quickly time speeds along and you have no control over it. It is like I’m stuck in the gravitational pull of a black hole and it’s making me realize I need to make sure I get all out of my life that I can. Because before I know it, generation X will be in the trash heap of time.

It’s weird in a way. In my mind, I do not feel I am in my early 50’s. But time and the body start to tell you otherwise.

Then I start feeling regrets about choices in my life and I look towards the future and wonder what it holds for me based on those decisions.

3 thoughts on “Funny how…

  1. Ok so this post is totally crazy Keith! Heres why, a few days ago I was having these same exact thoughts and I almost posted about it. The post is still in my drafts folder. If I were to publish it today it would look like I copied yours, give or take some words. I guess since we are both in our early 50s we are both thinking the same things. Crazy….how similar our thoughts are on this. 😁

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