Today would have been my brother’s 62nd birthday. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to see him for 46 years.

Kevin Becknell 1960-1976

You see I last saw him when I was six. He was killed November 1976 by a drunk driver. He was on his motorcycle coming home from his part-time job at the local grocery store. The road he was on had ditches on both sides and the drunk was swerving all across the road.

So to all those who drive drunk. If you have an accident that results in loss of life, there’s family that is affected decades after. It never goes away.

I will never forget you brother. I won’t stop wondering what kind of life you would have had. What kind of sister-in-law I would have had. What would my nephews and nieces have been like. What kinds of talks we would have had.

Instead… I have this.

Me at my brothers grave.

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