This generation

It seems the older I get the crazier the generations coming behind me are getting.

There is this article online where this woman freaks out because her husband used a photo of her for his contacts.

He didn’t get permission. He was violating her privacy…

It’s your spouse! Not some creepy co-worker. For the love of all that’s holy!!!

Forgive the man for wanting to have a photo appear instead of squinting to read a number. What’s worse is they have to go online and ask others if they were being out of line.

Yes! You are being a complete jerk to your spouse. It’s a photo of your face. It’s not an inappropriate photo and I don’t see where he had to get your permission to use that as a contact photo on his phone.

Here is the story. I’m not making this up. Horrified Spouse.

2 thoughts on “This generation

  1. For some reason I couldn’t get the link to work. But going by what you said, wow what the heck is with people these days. I don’t understand why this woman would be so upset. Its her husband!!! Some people……lol 😁 🤣

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