270 days

Monday marked 270 days since I last had a cigarette. I remember when I started. I felt for sure I would break down and start up working a week or two.

There have been a lot of things going in the past several months that I’m not sure I can write about in a public setting at this time. However, with all the craziness going on there hasn’t been the urge to light up. Now I am still using the gum. I think part of me feels it’s turned into a crutch. I need to go ahead and get off this soon as well. It is better alternative though, is it not?

One thought on “270 days

  1. Hi Keith glad to see your post. I was about to send an email asking how your doing. Congratulations on 270 days!! That is such a huge wonderful accomplishment, something to be proud of.😁 Sorry that you have a lot going on but you know if you need to talk just send me an email.😆

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