Dying Retail

Right before all the pandemic mess turned our lives upside down, I started a YouTube channel for the purpose of chronicling the loss of retail institutions in my local area. I had put one video out on Chesapeake Square Mall in Chesapeake, VA and then had put it on back burner until recently.

Thought I would share with my audience if there are viewers here into loss of shopping malls and such. I worked very hard on this one to make it as professional as possible.

Dying Retail Video 2 – Pembroke Mall VA Beach

I will also add the first video on the series here as well. If you like, subscribe to the YouTube channel. I have a couple more in the works right now.

The first from 2019

It is amazing what you can do with your iPhone, ipad and software. I wish this was available when I was in high school. Might have gone another path in career.

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