When you realize you are more than your job.

The best advice I can give the younger generation is don’t let what you do for work define who you are.

There is more to life than work. There is more to you than your career. Sometimes I think people use career as a way to escape life. Just don’t do it.

If you were to die today in your office, your body would be replaced within a week or two.

Work is important really for one thing and that’s income to live your life. If you end up doing what you feel your calling is and can get paid, you’re fortunate. That’s not the rule but the exception.

Don’t let your work life seep into your personal life. Fight like hell to draw that line and keep it. Don’t be tied to emails and phone calls. You start, they will always expect you to be on call. You will end up feeling bitter because you no longer have life outside of work.

Your coworkers are not family. They are just people you are stuck with during the day. This isn’t to say you won’t make friends in a work environment. This is saying don’t make decisions to better yourself or take better work opportunities because you’ll miss who you work with. The people you work work aren’t likely to value working with you enough not to leave if something better comes along.

Change is a part of life. So is feeling outside your comfort zone. A lot of times we have to face our fears and the unknown if we want better things in our life. You will not work forever.

Maybe you just aren’t cut out to work for someone else. Maybe being your own boss is your path. Does not hurt to explore your options. Better that than later in life to be filled with a lot of what if questions.

Realize you may be in an environment where you are smarter than your coworkers. That you are being used for your knowledge that others don’t have and the office can’t do without. If that’s the case you have to decide if the bull—— is worth it. If you can leverage your skills for better compensation is it worth it? Only you can make those decisions.

I will say this from personal experience. If you are truly unhappy in the work environment you are in, no amount of money will bring you happiness.

Your well being is what matters most. Don’t lose sight of that! Work isn’t going to look out for you. You have to do that. Make sure you are able to live your life to the fullest!

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