Sick off all the fear

You’d think after two years of this pandemic crap, I would have gotten used to all the upheaval by now…

Tuesday at work I felt like crap most of the day. I had gotten up and gone to the gym, felt fine. Got home, showered and headed to the office and… felt blah. The feeling you get if you got too cold while sleeping.

While at work someone in another office said they had one time felt exactly like that and took the Covid home tests and it said they were positive.

So… I went and did a rapid test at an urgent care. It came back negative. Later in the evening I started feeling like crap, and my ears felt like I was possibly getting an ear infection. So I got into the doctors office Wednesday morning.

He wanted me to take a home test and recommended the test from Abbott. He said that was the most accurate test out there. If it was positive, I’d need to isolate. If not, then treat like a cold.

So I got the test kit. Better be accurate for $25. That test came back negative. Work said in abundance of caution stay home the rest of this week…

So. That’s where I am at.

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