Generational gap

In my office I work with a young kid. Guess he is what’s called the generation Z group.

With him I notice something I really have not noticed with millennials and boomers on back.

I notice a disconnect with things from my childhood to his. I find it unsettling in a way.

From entertainment and other general things he will tell me he never heard of that.

This is new to me. All generations before his, we all had things in common or at least knew what was being talked about.

Am I becoming a dinosaur? At least with current technology and events we are on the same page but I guess this is telling me I am getting old.

Which is what I probably am confronting the most. Funny from a guy having a blog called My Middle Aged Life. Maybe it’s that now mentally, it’s catching up to me.

Time marches on. Things change. Our generation is marching towards the past. I just want to feel that I am relevant.

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