I’m still alive

I realized I haven’t been paying attention to this blog as I should have been. Some of you might have started thinking I died. Well I’m still here 🙂

End of January I celebrated birthday 53. Funny how mentally I don’t feel I’m that old. The body is giving subtle hints though.

I have been busy between work and handling an elderly parent working on growing a YouTube channel documenting dying retail malls. I find I enjoy filming and editing. Still learning things about myself in the process. It makes me wish I had considered a career path in this area during my younger years. The one thing that’s great now is the technology at our fingertips we didn’t have thirty years ago.

Using my iPhone and iPad, I am able to do some pretty impressive things. If you like to check out the YouTube channel it’s: https://youtube.com/@DyingRetail

I am trying to figure out some issues I am having with audio and hope to have that figured out soon. I want to do some traveling to other locations and capture these places before they’re gone for good.

How’s everyone doing? Haven’t lost your sanity I hope. Between all the COVID crap and now every day things are being shot out of the sky… it’s a wonder we all haven’t just lost it yet.

2 thoughts on “I’m still alive

  1. Hi Keith glad to see you posting 🙂. I haven’t been posting as much lately either but I am still here lol. I’ll check out your YouTube channel this evening 😀. Oh and Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you enjoyed your 53rd. I’ll be 53 in July.

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