The “Covid” vaccine.

If the vaccines the governments are pushing people to take prevented people from getting covid, why do we still have to stay in isolation and wear masks?

From what I can find, the drug companies, are not making the claim of prevention. They claim it will reduce the change of severe symptoms from it.

So if this is a virus that 98% of the population would survive, why inject something into your body that offers no prevention?

Yet, we are supposed to believe these for-profit drug companies want all of us to be well. Governments are rushing “emergency” approval for drugs that are using a delivery system never used in humans before that I can find: mRNA.

Basically, if I am understanding this correctly, they are using your body to produce what’s supposed to cause your immune system to recognize the virus as a threat and start the fight.

There’s a website at the CDC, The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. This is where voluntary reports of adverse reactions to the vaccines can be reported. My understanding is this is voluntary information. From what people are reporting there’s some very concerning data here. I’m going to have to play with querying the data myself to produce results.

For me, I do not want some new technology that I feel is not fully tested on humans injected into my body. It’s like we are being shown a nice shiny package and are supposed to believe everything will be rosy. I’m not buying it. Especially with a virus that 98% would survive on their own.

People have to make their own decision on what they want put into their body. I would say you need to do your own research and search for answers for yourself. I plan on trying to find what information that I can find to share here.

I don’t claim to be a doctor or scientist. I just want to find the most accurate information I can find. We are being told what to read, view, discuss, etc. I’m always suspicious when people try to control what I can see. It makes me ask why.

But check out the link to the adverse data in the link I shared above and see what you can find for yourself.

The vaccine that is the single dose from Johnson & Johnson is supposed to use a different method of delivery from moderna and Pfizer.

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