Quarantine again…

Wednesday I got a call from church. I went in person for Palm Sunday. Everyone wearing masks and seating separated from other groups. However, I ran into someone from prior men’s group I was in. Hadn’t spoken to them for awhile and spent time catching up. We both wore masks. From what I understand after Sunday he had sinus issues and went to doctor. They did a covid test and said he was positive for the virus.

So pastor at church reached out to me Wednesday morning that he was positive and indicated we spent time talking together on Sunday.

Work sent me home. I called gym to tell them I had possible exposure. Doctors office cancelled my shot appointment that was that afternoon. Then they called back and took care of my mothers shot and I’m scheduled to get my first shot Monday.

Except for the pollen allergies I always deal with this year, I am feeling fine. But I am really missing my gym workout. I can’t wait to get back in sometime next week. I credit staying active and trying my best to stay healthy the best thing I know to do. Both physically and mentally.

This morning I looked outside the back door contemplating going for a jog. We had temps drop into the low 30’s overnight from the 70’s a few days earlier. Opened door and decided… nah! I’ll do a walk later. But I did decide to get little creative with my phone camera this morning.

This is 51

Was really surprised by this photo showing how much better I look compared to five to six years back.

Early 40’s

It’s good to have pics like this to remind you where you started from and how far you have come.

Can’t wait to see how much further I go this year on my healthy lifestyle journey.

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