The stuff of nightmares

46 years ago my parents took me with them to see a new movie.

The movie was Jaws. For a five year old it scared the proverbial crap out of me. To this day there are scenes I have to force myself to watch. I don’t blame my parents. I don’t believe they had any idea it would scare me like it did.

Found it on Prime Video and played it. I do like the scenes of the town, cars, etc. it’s a time capsule of what life looked like in America when I was a child.

There’s a scene where Richard Dreyfus’ character goes under water to examine a boat that appears to have suffered an attack. This is the scene that scared me the most and for years I would close my eyes. This time I forced myself to keep them open. I’ve seen movies in the past few years that had more gore than Jaws. Funny, I still felt that urge to close my eyes and look away.

So Dreyfus’ character is extracting a tooth from the hull of the boat where there is a gaping hole when.

This head pops out of the hull. I know it’s not real but for five year old me, it was enough to scare me to death.

Funny what something you see as a child can follow you into adulthood.

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