Magnum, PI

As a kid growing up in the 80’s there were a lot of good television shows to choose from. You had shows like Miami Vice, The A-Team, Night Court. Then you had my favorite show to see each week: Magnum, PI.

It has everything a young boy could want. Fast car, mansions, adventure, beautiful ladies and on top of that very good role models. Thomas Magnum played by Tom Selleck demonstrated how a man should be a man. Showed honor, loyalty and solid friendships.

There is a remake that I have watched a few episodes in the past and while it is good it doesn’t take place of my childhood version.

I have a DVD player that gathers dust, do mostly streaming now. However, this week I found the entire series online to stream for free with commercials.

There was an app, IMDB, which apparently has been purchased by Amazon, unless they started it to begin with. The name was changed to FreeVee.

Was nice to get reacquainted with Thomas, Rick, TC, Higgins and all the other characters that I remembered from childhood. Then it gave a pause when I realized it’s been over 40 years since the show first aired on TV.

Getting old sucks when you realize how much time has gone by. I guess it did that to make you appreciate life.

However, while the world around me is going bonkers, I can escape to a better time an hour or so at the time.

Thank you FreeVee and Amazon.

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